About Me

Hey Guys

My name is Lily and I am the mind and hands behind Whirly Wire Creations. This is me with my dog Zina, travelling and doing what we love most. Living on the road, attending free festivals and relaxing in beautiful places crafting unique, crystal jewellery and decorations.

I first discovered wire wrapping in 2019. I fell in love with the endless possibilities of what you can create from these simple strips of wire. Today, I use my art to show my passion for the natural world and its beautiful stones and crystals.

My love and inspiration from the natural world is what made me start wire wrapping and is still just as important to me today. Therefore I only use earth friendly materials for both my products and all the packaging. I aim to source all stones from ethical, sustainable suppliers. I do this by purchasing directly from my suppliers, creating relationships and asking questions. All my packaging is completely plastic free, biodegradable and as much comes from recycled materials as possible.

(I may occasionally use bubblewrap for some of my bigger pieces. This is always reused from my supply purchases and never used new.)

All handcrafted items you see in my shop are made either at our base in Nottingham or along the way on our travels. All from my tiny home studio, inside a converted luton van.

Thank you for reading a bit about me. I'm so happy you have found yourself here, learning about my small business and what it means to me. I truly hope you find yourself or someone you love a little piece of magic.